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Hi! Welcome to my page! My name is Caitlin and I'm a costume designer and seamstress for hire! Here, I'll post images of my work! If you're interested in a design or costume creation, check out my etsy page!

stoningcrows said: In general how much does a typical cosplay costume cost? Obviously it depends on the amount of time and materials used but can you give a price range?

Hello, dear! Thank you for the message! I sat here writing, and writing, and writing. I wrote so much that in Word it came to be a little over a page in explanation about what factors into cost beyond materials and labor, which is ultimately all that matters but most people don’t realize what labor is. And there were numbers, literal figures from previous invoices, which I changed to rough estimates, which I have since omit.

I find it very difficult to talk openly on the subject of cost, not because I am ashamed or embarrassed about my prices. I charge what I feel is fair for my work, work I feel that is quality in every definition of the word, work that will last through the years if worn and taken care of. It is work that I do with pride, so when I do no longer state out loud my rate per hour or the exact cost of a costume, it is because I do not wish to give the wrong impression to people.

Every costume is different. Every single one. I have, in the past three months, received seven Elsa requests, four Anna requests, three Kristoff requests, two Mary Read/James Kidd requests, and five Rapunzel requests.

I’ve made it thus far and again deleted what I wrote.

I find it difficult to talk openly on the subject of cost because it is not set in stone or definite. Stating “my work costs ~X” is a trap for myself and my business, for the client who may say “oh, wonderful, I will contact her next month after my taxes come in” to which I will sadly reply, “I’m sorry, I cannot complete this for your budget. If you are available for flexibility in cost, I am happy to continue discussing.”

My normal, unfortunate, sad response.

It is a difficult thing because I do not want to make a statement that is then on record. My mom and dad always said, “never do anything until it’s agree upon in writing,” “Writing is setting it in stone,” “Get a contract in writing or it’s not binding.”

Telling you that my work costs $ - $$ is a faux contract, a false binding agreement between you and I and the internet as a whole that reads this. It’s a promise to people that I may not be able to uphold….next week, month, tomorrow.

I feel my work is comfortably high. I am not a factory-made price of $150. I am not a $2000 costume maker, either. Not yet. I have made several quotes close to such a price, but I have not made a costume of that kind of cost. Have I made costumes for $1000? Yes. Have I made anything in the last four months less than $500? No.

Unfortunately, this vague idea is the best I can give for the reasons I’ve stated above. I apologize greatly for the inconvenience this may cause you and ultimately I urge you to visit my website ( and send a quote request. The worst that can happen is I tell you that with my deepest regrets I cannot build your costume. The best that can happen is that I have only wonderful news and surging ideas of creativity.

I do urge you to visit my website in general, and of course to elaborate on your question my Pricing & Policy tab will clarify somewhat. It is not exact, either, but it will explain perhaps where I have not.

Again, I find myself having written something much longer than intended. I’m sorry it was not a simple answer! I find this job is not so simple. I had thought when I began, “I love costuming, and cosplay, this will be easy.” Running a business, one for which I am the only employee and one held accountable, is very difficult.

Guild Wars 2 Female masquerade set.

Client has asked for the skirt, sleeves, and a portion of the chest piece. Several creative liberties were taken with this costume, as we did not have the necessary time or budget to create the exact look as modeled in the game. That said, I am very happy with the work we’ve done. We added a fourth and fifth tier of fabric on the skirt to give it more shape and volume, utilizing various materials from satin, organza, and a delicate mesh to give it texture and body. The gems on the sleeves are hand-made, resign molded by myself. Invisible boning from The design on both tiers of the skirt is hand painted by myself and deviates from the original design due to time constraints, but I feel achieves a similar look overall.

aishizaya said: Hu Caitlin! For starters, wow. Your sewing skills make me want to cry. All of the outfits you've done are beautiful and incredibly detailed. I was interested in perhaps commissioning you but I was curious if A.) You did armor commissions and B.) If you were capable of making a plug suit?? I didn't see a plugsuit made by you yet and I understand if you don't take plugsuit commissions cause I'd imagine they are rather tricky. Thank you for your time !

Hello, dear! Ah, your words really touch my heart and it means a lot to me to receive your mail! I would love to hear from you further if there is a costume you’re seeking. To answer your questions simply: yes, to both. However, as with all things, their cost may vary greatly depending on the materials required and labor involved. I can make armor, however full suits are on case-by-case basis as I do not have much work space to build or paint in, but it is fortunately coming to the warmer time of the year which means I can paint outside in the open as opposed to my tiny paint room. I can also make a plug suit, as spandex or stretch vinyl are both materials I am familiar and comfortable working with.

If you would like to send an official request, please visit my website at and visit the Pricing & Policy page. If you would like to send a request for more than one costume, please send individual forms—it helps keep my email neat and organized and I can reply better when I do not have to pick through differing information.

Thank you again for your sweet words!

Guild Wars 2
Masquerade Female Cloth Amror

In progress

Guild Wars 2
Masquerade Female Cloth Amror

In progress

Moonlight Legend (ムーンライト伝説) performed for the new anime by Momoiro Clover Z (ももいろクローバーZ)

I normally don’t reblog non-cosplay related things, as I’ve stated before, but the new PGSM Crystal just makes me so happy that I had to share the new theme reboot.

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So excited to share my first ever professional photoshoot with everyone!

Model: Me

Cosplay Made by: Me

Photography by Serenity Creations Photography

I had such a great time today working with Melanie! Check out her work at the link above. To check out my cosplay work as a costume commissioner, you can visit my website!

Phantasy Star Online


Cosplay Commission

Built with stretch vinyl from

In progress!


A Link in Time

Cosplay Commission created by Adaria Designs.

(Wig is not part of the costume. Wig from Arda Wigs, Gingerbread holiday style.)

Anonymous said: How much would the jade harley eclectica dress be?


So, I guess this is just a general message to everyone since this question was asked by an anon—which, I’m super thankful for all questions, but if you would like a personal quote, I will need an email or for you to ask with your account! I normally wouldn’t make a response like that public, so please don’t worry about having your name shared! I can keep a secret!

Please know, everyone, that each quote I make is individually tailored to your needs as the client, your wants in the costume, and your budget. Telling you X costume cost Y amount really doesn’t mean much other than maybe giving you a ballpark? I’ve had many requests about Loki’s costume, but what that client wanted out of the costume is entirely different from what you want, which may also vary based on your size/height (because that determines the yardage I need to purchase!). So, I can’t really tell you how much any certain costume will be without knowing more about what you want from it.

Many things go into the cost of a costume, here’s a list to name a few:

-Fabric Kind (Cotton is cheaper than Silk or Satin!)
-Adornments/Accessories (Hand painting, hand beading, tucks, pleats, embroidery, etc!)

-Silhouette Construction (Is it a fitted dress that requires boning? Or a mahou shoujo skirt with horsehair braid in the hem to give it extra flair?)

-Type of Costume = Labor (Simple summer dress vs prom gown vs hunter’s armor)

Labor is usually the most expensive part of any costume. That is to say, labor is my time, my life force and energy, into making a special garment just for you. This is anything from researching a particular design (for example, fanart based on a gown from 1776), to shopping, to carefully creating a tailored pattern for you and building the costume from there. Every costume I create is original. I may, in some cases of an easier garment, modify a commercial (ie, Simplicity, McCalls, Butterick, etc) pattern, but typically I account into my labor estimation making patterns that fit YOUR BODY.  I ask for many, many measurements from you that I then use to adjust my dress form and use when building patterns. I even use math—yes, math, the devil of all things! After I’ve made your pattern and cut out all the fabric pieces, I serge them (well, almost always, depends on the material) and sew them together. There’s then a lot of pressing involved, because no one wants to wear a wrinkly costume, and of course any hand stitching at the end for buttons or jewels and accessories.

Every little thing you want on a costume, which will make it uniquely your own, goes into my estimate. I will ask many questions.

So, I’m sorry to say, but I cannot give you a rough idea of how much X dress will cost! Also, I feel like that is a private matter between myself and the client. While I am not ashamed of what I charge (I cannot make anything for $100, I am not (cosplaywebsite).com or a factory with ready-made costumes) and I feel that an estimate agreed upon between the client and commissioner is also unique, and unless the client wishes to share it, I will not.

Thank you for the question! I’m sorry I could not give you the answer you were likely looking for, but please do not be shy to write me an email to caitlin (dot) margolien (at) gmail (dot) com with your request, or visit my website at to see more of my work and more information about my pricing and listings! <3


Jade Harley of “Homestuck”

Costume commission for a client! Such a cute outfit!





DIY Circle Skirt Generator from I recently got asked a question about circle skirts and referred the reader to this tutorial: DIY Full Circle Foolproof Skirt Tutorial from By Hand London here. But then I saw this circle skirt generator on inspiration & realisation’s Facebook page. You plug in your wasit, hem length and seam allowance and you can choose from the most popular fabric widths - 45” and 60”. It tells you how much fabric you need, whether it can be cut from one piece of fabric etc…

OH GOD I AM ABOUT TO NEED THAT NEXT WEEK god bless you tumblr for having a post about this

Ooh lala.

OMG everyone needs to know about this beautiful calculator.

What sorcery is this?

Disney’s Prince(ss) Philip (Genderbend) from “Sleeping Beauty”

Cosplay Commission

Art by Dorodraws

^ Check this crazy lady out, people! Her art is great!

Stay tuned for Prince(ss) Philip a la GOWN next month!

Sheryl Nome, &#8220;Macross Frontier&#8221;
Costume by Adaria Designs
Ichibancon 2014

Sheryl Nome, “Macross Frontier”
Costume by Adaria Designs
Ichibancon 2014

Hi, everyone!

I’m super excited for this coming weekend! Saturday, I will be heading out to Ichibancon with a friend, and meeting another there for a bit! I can’t wait!

I’ll be wearing my Sheryl Nome cosplay! I hope I look alright. LOL I haven’t actually cosplayed for myself in a very long time, I’m so busy working for everyone else! I have a few alterations to make, so it looks even better!